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Snow Leopard!

It’s been a long time coming, but a PathSnagger update is on the way. I started work on the 10.5/10.6 version (this will likely be version 2.0) and it works in Snow Leopard. The easy bits are done. I’ll focus on the tricky stuff next.

Actual Progress

Got side-railed briefly when svn stopped working. Got that ironed out, and I’m back on development. The code to escape all the Unix special characters (\”?*, etc.) has been hashed out. I’m hoping to roll that into the code this week. This is definitely the biggest complaint right now (aside from the lack of an official Universal Binary) so once that’s done, an actual release should follow pretty quickly.

This is ridiculous

Okay, I think I’m going try a new approach. It seems I bit off more than I could chew for the next release, so I’m going to drop a number of new features, and just focus on getting a solid Universal Binary out the door. Once that’s done, I can start working on the enhancements, which will hopefully speed things up.

Development (Slowly) Starting Up Again

PathSnagger has not been abandoned! I just haven’t been able to work on it for quite a while. (Having a baby will do that to you.) Things are calming down now, and I’m plugging away at the new version.

On track for the next release are Windows paths (finally!) and a software update mechanism, plus a few other goodies.

Thank you everyone for your generous donations and great ideas in the comments!

Universal Binary Test Build Available

I’m really sorry PathSnagger isn’t working on Intel Macs. I’m trying to get it done soon. For various reasons, the computer has been offline and I haven’t had much time to do any work on it.

For those of you who absolutely can’t wait, there is a Universal binary version available, although I can’t guarantee its stability. I’ve had a couple of people test it on their Intel Macs, and it worked, but that’s about the best I can do (unless someone wants to donate a MacBook to the cause .. ) It has a number of new features that haven’t really been turned on (ie, the UI is there, but the functionality is not.) So yes, it says something about automatically updating and Windows paths and some other goodies, but it won’t work! There, I warned you.

That said, all the old functionality should be there. So if you’re feeling brave, download the Universal Binary build and let me know how it works for you.

Universal Binary

PPC-only preference panes don’t work on the new Intel Macs, because System Preferences launches in Intel-only mode. Sadly, this affects PathSnagger. A workaround, documented at MacFixIt, is to force the System Preferences application to run under Rosetta:

You can, however, force the System Preferences application to run under Rosetta (navigate to /Applications, click on the System Preferences icon, go to Get Info and check “Run with Rosetta”) in order to access such Preference panes on your Intel-based Mac.

MacFixIt reader Sté Continue reading

Windows paths

I’ve been getting a lot of mail regarding Windows paths and if I’m going to add that to PathSnagger.

The answer is yes! It’s just a matter of getting the time to do it.

The current plan is to use UNC-style paths. I’ve started some of the coding, but it’s not there yet.

Patience, grasshopper …

PathSnagger 1.1b5 Available

New in 1.1b5:

  • “Use Quotes” was moved into the “Unix Paths” group as it doesn’t make sense for HFS.
  • “Escape Spaces” was added as an optional checkbox. This should satisfy both Terminal and “Go to Folder…” users.


PathSnagger 1.1b4 Available

New in 1.1b4:

  • Unix Paths” and “Use Quotes” are now enabled by default. Fixes an issue where it appeared PathSnagger wasn’t enabled because it wouldn’t show up in the contextual menu. This was because nothing was enabled by default.
  • Default separator is “;”
  • Recompiled with 10.2.8 SDK. Should provide compatibility with 10.2, and hopefully with 10.1.