PathSnagger adds a Contextual Menu Item option to the Contextual Menu in the Finder. Control-click a document, application, folder, mounted volume, zip disk, anything, and easily copy the full path to that item directly to your clipboard!

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  1. B. R.


    I’ve found a Bug in the V. 2.0b2

    The “Finder friendly” mode is by standard marked, but it doesn’t function…
    So if you unmark the checkbox, exit the preferences and go back and enable again the checkbox, than the function is really set. But only then.

    If you use …Unix and the “Finder friendly” is enabled, you don’t get the Backslashs… But only if you uncheck and check again the checkbox… but during this, you must leave the preferences…

    Best regards

  2. SJ

    I have the same problem as B. R.

    I go into the preferences and uncheck “Finder Friendly,” and then relaunch System Preferences to re-check it. But it is already checked again. I can’t just leave it unchecked.

  3. SJ

    I can’t get it to work anymore. It was great for a month but somehow stopped working. I tried the 10.6 beta version (I’m 10.6.4) and v1.1 but neither are working anymore 🙁

  4. Bernhard Glomm

    We currently moving from OS X 10.6. to 10.7. and our user asks me to provide them with a version of PathSnagger.
    although the is the documentation for 2.1 I can’t find the download here,
    2.02b works with one account on a machine but not with the other one?
    reinstallation doesn’t help…
    Is this project still alive? Will there be a working version for 10.7 and on?
    Any information on this is welcome!

  5. Erik Cayré

    Bernhard and others.

    I have 2.0b2 installed on 10.8.2 Mac and it works just fine. I installed it a looong time ago while running and older OS X (maybe 10.6.x). and it has worked since.

    Please consider adding ftp:// and afp:// (and maybe even http:// and webdav:// ?) as snag options.

    This would be immensely useful for giving people direct links to hosted files


  6. rcfa

    Is there a reason why it’s no longer a Preference pane?

    Useful as it is, I still kind of hate the app clutter that recently becomes fashionable; lots of things that used to be preference panes become standalone apps, yet obviously 3rd party preference panes still work, as evidenced by some of the newer ones I have installed.

    Just curious if I’m missing something here.

  7. jon Post author

    @rcfa, I agree 100%. The old mechanism I was using to add it to the contextual menu items was removed with Lion, so I had no choice but to implement it as a service.

  8. Chris

    A client wants this installed on every machine in their office, but they recently upgraded to 10.6. Unfortunately the described install method for 2.0b2 is kind of cumbersome to do machine by machine, and I’d love something I can more easily deploy via remote desktop without disturbing the users during their workday. I’m not entirely clear if 2.1b2 is backwards compatible to 10.6 since it says 10.7 and up. I downloaded it and it opens, but I don’t know if it is fully compatible with 10.6. Any suggestions?

  9. jon Post author

    @Chris, unfortunately I don’t have a 10.6 machine to test on anymore, so all I can say is you can try 2.1 and see if it works. Wish I had a better answer.

  10. Sergey Vasilyev

    How to uninstall it? I have removed PathSnagger from /Applications/ folder, but it is still in the Preferences.

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