This is ridiculous

Okay, I think I’m going try a new approach. It seems I bit off more than I could chew for the next release, so I’m going to drop a number of new features, and just focus on getting a solid Universal Binary out the door. Once that’s done, I can start working on the enhancements, which will hopefully speed things up.

5 thoughts on “This is ridiculous

  1. johannes

    hi, keep it up! The software is great. I cant understand why apple does not include such a thing into the system. how can one use the “gotofolder”? it makes no sense.
    But how can i snag the path correctly for the gotofolder-box? i have intel-version (UB) and tried all paths but it does not accept it?
    Thank you. jo.

  2. Damon Law

    Please, please keep it up. Since 10.5 we have SORELY missed this great plugin— we had adapted our workflow to use it. Once you get it running on Intel + OS X 10.5 I will see that my company makes a nice donation to you.

    Damon Law, designer vizwerks | retail design | 503.288.7471

  3. jon Post author

    @Pat, I’m working on a service which should work in SL as well as earlier versions. I don’t know how far back it will go yet, but certainly Leopard.

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