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PPC-only preference panes don’t work on the new Intel Macs, because System Preferences launches in Intel-only mode. Sadly, this affects PathSnagger. A workaround, documented at MacFixIt, is to force the System Preferences application to run under Rosetta:

You can, however, force the System Preferences application to run under Rosetta (navigate to /Applications, click on the System Preferences icon, go to Get Info and check “Run with Rosetta”) in order to access such Preference panes on your Intel-based Mac.

MacFixIt reader Stéphane has put this workaround into practice, and notes: “In this case, the native will not run any more, but it’s a workaround. You can probably make a copy of the ‘System Preferences’ application, for PPC Prefpanes only; and leave the original for the native ones.”

If you don’t want to do this, the alternative involves editing the ~/Library/Preferences/com.bergenstreetsoftware.PathSnagger.plist file manually.

The next release of PathSnagger will be a Universal Binary, so this shouldn’t be a problem at that point.

13 thoughts on “Universal Binary

  1. Wes Plate

    My System Preferences application doesn’t give me a Run with Rosetta option. 🙁

    So what is the procedure in “editing the …plist” ?


  2. jon Post author

    Hmm. Well, I don’t have an Intel Mac, so I can’t verify whether “Run with Rosetta” should be there. I’m just going by what MacFixIt said.

    To edit the plist:

    If you have the developer tools installed, you can open it directly with Property List Editor.app. If you don’t have the developer tools, you’ll first need to convert the .plist to text so you can edit it, via the plutil utility described here:


    Then you can open the plist file with a text editor, and enable at least one of the options mentioned on http://bergenstreetsoftware.com/support.html by changing the <false> to a <true>.
    Next, save the file, and relaunch the Finder (or log out and back in.)

    If you’re on an Intel Mac, I’ve been told by a friend at Apple that the contextual menu module won’t load either, so I don’t think it will work at all until I can make everything universal.

    However, please let me know if this does work for you.

  3. Spencer

    PathSnagger is way handy – thanks for taking the time to develop it.

    Hi, would you mind dropping me a note when the universal binary is available?
    I do have intel mac. If you’d like me to compile some binaries for you I’d be happy to give it a try – it has been a while since I’ve done any Mac OS development though.


  4. jon Post author

    You’re very welcome, Spencer. I will absolutely let you know when it’s out, although you can simply watch this blog for an update.

    I’ve actually got the universal binaries working now; it’s the other features I’m adding that are taking the time.

  5. Spencer

    I’d be happy to test what you have working now if you’d like. I just use the copy unix path feature, other features I am sure wil be a plus, but I live without them for a while.

    thanks, Spencer

  6. Spencer


    I was wondering if there was any news regarding a possible release date of the Universal Binary?

    Thanks, Spencer

  7. jon Post author

    I know I sound sort of like a broken record, but I’m really trying to get it done soon. I’m devoting some time to it this weekend. With luck, something should be available this week.

  8. Spencer

    Great thanks! I certainly don’t want to sound like a pest either! Just miss PathSnagger just about every day.

    Thanks again for taking the effort.


  9. andrew347

    My System Preferences application doesn’t give me a Run with Rosetta option.
    And I don’t see file /Library/Preferences/com.bergenstreetsoftware.PathSnagger.plist 🙁
    MacMini, 10.4.6

  10. jon Post author

    Andrew347, like I said I don’t have an Intel Mac, so I can’t verify the “Run with Rosetta” option.

    However, the preferences file is in




  11. andrew347

    Very thanks!
    I’m download universal version and all right!
    It’s simply, good and need utility, thank you.

  12. David Jameson

    PathSnagger does not appear to work on my Macbook Pro which is running 1.05.6

    After putting the plugin in the appropriate place and restarting finder, etc, right-clicking on items in the finder does not display a PathSnagger menu

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