Actual Progress

Got side-railed briefly when svn stopped working. Got that ironed out, and I’m back on development. The code to escape all the Unix special characters (\”?*, etc.) has been hashed out. I’m hoping to roll that into the code this week. This is definitely the biggest complaint right now (aside from the lack of an official Universal Binary) so once that’s done, an actual release should follow pretty quickly.

19 thoughts on “Actual Progress

  1. guillôme

    Greaaaaaaaaaaat, keep the motivation! My Intel Leopard Mac is ready to welcome back PathSnagger 🙂

  2. Joel A.

    I feel obligated to say this as I’ve used your software on my g4 and without question it warrants a price. Although to a certain degree it does what dropping a folder onto a terminal window does it is without question one of the most useful integrated apps I use on consistent basis and I would be happy to pay for such service as I’m sure so would others if that might help progression on your front. The fruits of your labor should only be rewarded accordingly and charging a price might mean you could actually hire additional programmers so that the continued use of this product can only get better. The best comparison I could make is similar to A Better Finder Attributes as further development of this product continues.

    Continued success on future releases. You can count me in as a future customer.

  3. Joel B.

    I have been looking for this very application for so long and I am anxious to have a version that works on my Intel Mac.

    And yes, I would pay a couple of bucks for the privilege. Grok man, Grok!

  4. jon Post author

    I appreciate all the enthusiasm! It’s clear this project has taken a back seat to everything else, and I apologize for that. I’ve been plugging away at it, but keep getting hung up on the Windows paths feature. What I might do is get an official Universal Binary release out there without all the extra features. People seem to be hesitant about using the experimental build (with good reason!) That’s something that could happen sooner than later.

  5. mark

    your plug-in is great. I just started using a mac, so copying file paths seemed like such a basic operation I was surprise to find it so hard to do on the macOS.

    I’m running the old universal binary on a 10.5.6 dual quad core with intel processors and it works so far.

    My only request would be to remove the quotation marks around the filepath so it can be pasted directly into a ‘Go to folder…’ dialog

    Nice work!

  6. guillôme

    Definetly, please release an official stable universal version! Thanks in advance, think 2 years I check your website for the stable version 😉

  7. Jancy

    I’ve been using Pathsnagger for a couple years now and all is great, thanks for putting out out there.

    Are you aware of any bugs with the Universal Version running with OS X 10.6? I just tried to install it and nothing is showing up on the Contentual Menu.

  8. jon Post author

    I’m aware of the 10.6 issue. I’m actually currently working on a PathSnagger service. Initial (very barebones) builds work in 10.6. I don’t know yet if it will be backwards compatible.

    Since Leopard and Snow Leopard put the services in the contextual menu, this seemed a better approach. Plus I should be able to do this with Cocoa goodness instead of the old Carbon approach.

  9. Greyfrob

    I love PathSnagger and hope that you’ll have the time and motivation to adapt it to Snow Leopard. In any case, thanks for creating this tool.

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