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  1. mike.

    thanks for sending the beta. first thing noticed: i need to change volumes\… into my own server name to make the link clickable. so for instance the server is named Foobar01\Folder\Subfolder, Pathsnagger gives me Volumes\Folder\Subfolder…

    Customizing this thing would probably help…

  2. jon Post author

    @mike, all PathSnagger is doing is applying the Windows path format when it gets the string. It’s pretty simple. All it does is change forward slash characters into backwards slash characters.

    I’ve considered the whole Windows path thing, and it gets pretty messy pretty quickly. You’ve got drive letters and UNC formats and other ways to refer to a location.

    One solution is to provide a generic RegEx that can be applied to the string before it gets copied. That would allow you to tell it to swap out Volumes\ and replace it with whatever you want.

    Just so I’m clear: your server name is Foobar01, and the shared folder is Folder? So what appears on the desktop in the Finder is “Folder”?

  3. Steve C

    @jon, a RegEx that let you swap out “Volumes\” for “Whatever” (drive letter, server path, URL prefix etc) would be awesome.

  4. Jason

    Hi! I really need this to work. I do Mac Admin in a cross-platform office with Macs & PCs and a Windows Server. WinShortCutter used to convert and make a perfect pasteable/clickable path so that Windoze users could just click. Their latest version is broken.
    All I need is for the contextual menu to grab the field:
    Get Info->General-> Server
    And then get rid of the “smb:” characters and then swap all “/” to “\”. That should work fine for most of our servers.
    Can I help beta test??

  5. Periscope

    This is a great tool!

    Both of these links work in Apple Mail 3.6, Leopard. Only the bottom link works in Apple Mail 4.2, Snow Leopard. Is there a way to configure Path Snagger to not include localhost?



  6. JD

    Just discovered PathSnagger while looking for a way for my users to share clickable links for paths to files in networked locations (got to you from http://www.macosxhints.com/comment.php?mode=view&cid=107395 ).

    PathSnagger could have saved me dragging files from the Finder to Terminal to get their Unix path a few thousand times, and I’m happy to have found it for that reason alone.

    It’s PathSnagger’s potential to be useful in a networked environment that really excites me, though – Steve C’s suggestion of being able to substitute a RegEx for the ‘localhost/Volumes/’ portion of the paths returned by PathSnagger is one that would make it a very good solution for sharing paths to files on a server with other network users. The perfect solution would be for PathSnagger to have an option to return information similar to that found in the ‘Server:’ field when Get Info is performed on a networked file in the Finder e.g.

    afp://sing/IT/Documents/test number one.rtf

    rather than the path returned by PathSnagger with ‘/localhost/Volumes’:


    If you could incorporate this functionality I imagine users in every Mac networked environment would find PathSnagger incredibly useful!

    I suspect I’m not the only one grappling with a situation where users who share access to the same file server attach sizeable files to emails to send to each other, because they cannot be bothered to navigate through, or type out, file paths to networked resources.

    I’d be delighted to test the beta, if you’ll have me.

  7. jon Post author

    Alright, the people have spoken. I’ll see about putting the RegEx into 2.0 final. 2.0b2 is very close, btw. I’ve been sidetracked with another project, but hopefully next week I can get that one out the door.

  8. David Ferrington

    Could I get on the beta please?
    I used to use PathSnagger and have stopped since Snow Lepoard, would really like to see it again

  9. Peter

    Hi, I’d like to join the beta testers too! Running 10.5.8 on a PB G4. Let’s see how the new version runs on these legacy machines… Thanks!

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