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PathSnagger 2.1.1 now available from the App Store!

New in this release:

* “Use ~ for home directory” option works again in Yosemite.
* Added option to insert a newline character. This was intended for use in the “Item delimiter” field, so if you snag multiple files, you can separate them with a new line, but this can also be used in the Prefix and Suffix fields if you like. To use this, enter the text {NEWLINE}. It must be in all caps.

2.1 Beta Publicly Available

Clearly it’s taking me far too long to get this ready for a real release in the app store. So for now, I’ve made the beta available for everyone. The link is to the right. It requires at least OS X 10.7.

UPDATE: I’ve taken this down, as 2.1 final is now available at the Mac App Store. Big thank you to all my beta testers!

PathSnagger 2.1 Betas Seeded

I’ve started what I hope will be a short beta-test period for version 2.1 of PathSnagger. This is a major rework from the previous versions. In truth, it’s a completely new application. It now works in OS X 10.7 (Lion), and is much more configurable than the previous releases. You can read the (in progress) Help file to whet your appetite.

Lion Support is Coming

I’ve been working on a completely rewritten PathSnagger. It is now an application, instead of a service/preference pane, which should make the installation a lot easier for everyone. It works on Lion, and should also work in Snow Leopard, but I haven’t been able to test that yet. The application advertises its own service, so you will still get a “Snag Path” option in your Finder’s contextual menu (sometimes it will be in the Services submenu.)

The new version is much more user definable than the previous version. Once you set up your rules, you can specify exactly how you want the path to be snagged each time you invoke the service.

It also contains Growl support, and will pop up a Growl notification displaying the path that was copied to the clipboard.

I’m very happy with this one, and hope you will be as well! This next release will be deployed via the Mac App Store.

If anyone is interested in beta testing this version, please join the mailing list mentioned in the previous post.

PathSnagger 1.1b5 Available

New in 1.1b5:

  • “Use Quotes” was moved into the “Unix Paths” group as it doesn’t make sense for HFS.
  • “Escape Spaces” was added as an optional checkbox. This should satisfy both Terminal and “Go to Folder…” users.