PathSnagger 2.1.1 now available from the App Store!

New in this release:

* “Use ~ for home directory” option works again in Yosemite.
* Added option to insert a newline character. This was intended for use in the “Item delimiter” field, so if you snag multiple files, you can separate them with a new line, but this can also be used in the Prefix and Suffix fields if you like. To use this, enter the text {NEWLINE}. It must be in all caps.

4 thoughts on “PathSnagger 2.1.1 now available from the App Store!

  1. Nik

    i just purchased the app and i have a problem:
    I ´m working on a MBP in an Windows Server environment, so when I want to snag the path of a file or folder on the server the app just cannot copy the actual path. It just copies the path of the mounted volume. E.g. the path is “smb://XYZ/…”, I use Pathsnagger and it returns “Volumes/XYZ/…”. But then I have also a “smb://XYZ_2…” so I need that smb:// link to differenciate them in the translator.
    Can you please tell me if that is possible, otherwise this app just won´t work for me.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Michel

    I just bought your application, but it doesn’t appear in Services when I right click on a file name… Please advise.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Kind regards,


  3. jon Post author

    Hi Michel. I’m in the midst of testing a fix for that right now. Seems to be an El Capitan issue. Out of curiosity, do you have Dropbox installed?

  4. Joe

    Hi Jon,

    I get the same issue as Michel described and I have El Capitan and Dropbox.

    Any ideas?



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