2.1 Beta Publicly Available

Clearly it’s taking me far too long to get this ready for a real release in the app store. So for now, I’ve made the beta available for everyone. The link is to the right. It requires at least OS X 10.7.

UPDATE: I’ve taken this down, as 2.1 final is now available at the Mac App Store. Big thank you to all my beta testers!

6 thoughts on “2.1 Beta Publicly Available

  1. Ludwig

    Great Idea I’m on 10.8.3 and would definitly buy this if it worked on my Mac. Will check back for updates

  2. Phil

    I like the new options available through preferences—PathSnagger 2.x is certainly more powerful and flexible that before. But unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple to use. I’d certainly buy this app through the App store, but I would like to see the following refinements:

    1) Instead of an App that appears in the dock, this really should be a System Preference pane,

    2) Provide an option to have PathSnagger appear in the task bar for quick access to change the default translator. And if it must remain an app rather than a system pref, then at least hide it so it doesn’t show up in the app switcher and dock. I’ve seen other apps pull that off. I appreciate the option to quit the app as soon as it snag the path, but that seems a bit clunky and inefficient.

    3) I’d strongly suggest that the four translators previously available by default be preset upon installation. The new config options are great, but most existing users won’t take the time to figure out how to set up their translators to provide the same options they had under prior versions.

    PathSnagger is a great utility—I hope you’ll consider some of these suggestions. Thank you.

  3. jon Post author

    @Phil, thanks for the feedback.

    1. I’d love to make it a system preference, but the old method I was using to create the context menu is no longer available with Lion and Mountain Lion. The service was the official way to perform this task.

    2. I’m not sure what you mean by the task bar. Do you mean the menu bar? If you hold down the option key while you are selecting the “Snag Path” menu item, a popup will appear that lets you choose a different translator for that time only, overruling the default. I could probably provide a means to hide the dock icon in favor of a menu bar icon, but you wouldn’t want to remove both; you need to be able to edit the preferences.

    3. I absolutely agree with this, and it has always been on the roadmap for the official 2.1 release. I have been unfortunately heavily bogged down with other projects, and have not been able to dedicate the time to this project that it deserves. I apologize for that, but that is why I made the beta available.

  4. Michael

    This is a perfect way to share cross-platform file paths on the server at my work. I’ve been looking for an easy way to do this for years. Thanks so much for this! The only thing missing is a way to substitute “spaces” with “%20”.

    Thanks again.

  5. jon Post author

    Michael, you can do that easily. Create a new translator, and in the “Text Substitution Rules” section, add a new rule. For “Search Text” just type a space, and for “Replace Text” enter %20.

    You can either make that your default translator, or hold down option when you select “Snag Path” and chose the %20 translator.

    Alternatively, you can add that rule to your existing translators.

  6. Wes Plate

    I’ve been using Path Snagger for as long as I can remember, it goes on every computer I set up for myself. I have a newish laptop that finally had its big need for Path Snagger so I’m trying out the new beta.

    I agree with the previous request for the app not appearing in the dock/app switcher. Quicksilver and Dropbox are just a couple of examples.
    The preferences would be accessed from a menu that would appear when you click on the path snagger icon in the menu bar, just like these other apps.

    With it as a separate app it doesn’t feel right to have the app jump forward after snagging a path.

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