PathSnagger El Captain Issues

Some users have reported that after the initial install of PathSnagger, a reboot may be required before the service appears in the Finder’s contextual menu. This appears to be new with El Capitan. So please try rebooting first if you don’t see “Snag Path” listed anywhere.

3 thoughts on “PathSnagger El Captain Issues

  1. Michael


    my paths nagger doesn’t work no more since the update… restart won’t help…

    deinstallation and reinstall neither.

    what can i do?

  2. Michael


    I had Pathsnagger running fine. Then did the Mac Update to elCapitan.

    Since then it just does not work anymore, I deleted Pathsnagger several times and reinstalled it, did reboots etc.

    Any idea why it won´t work?

  3. jon Post author

    If you are comfortable with the Terminal, please try to rebuild the services menu.

    Go to the Terminal and type

    /System/Library/CoreServices/pbs -update

    Sometimes that is enough to jump start it, if the services directory has gotten corrupted.

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