Bugzilla is live

Okay, I got sick of trying to track existing feature requests and bugs by email, so I installed Bugzilla. Feel free to file new bugs or enhancements, or comment on existing ones.

This should make it easier for me to move forward by prioritizing what fixes go with which versions, etc [read: actual updates more frequently!]

2 thoughts on “Bugzilla is live

  1. matx

    I am seeing odd behaviour with the PPC version (1.1b3 and 1.1b5). If I use PathSnagger to get the path, and then paste that path into Mail., sometimes the link works with one click, and other times, only if you right click and select “open link”. I’m using PathSnagger to send a clickable link to a coworker in the office, and it only works half the time. Very odd. Most often we select “unix path” then add file:/// as a prefix. Any ideas? Is this a big bug in Mail.app?

  2. jon Post author

    Since all PathSnagger is doing is copying to the clipboard, this has to be an issue with Mail. Especially if it’s the same format each time, with differing behavior. What version of Mail are you using?

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